“You are a very talented person, combining tremendous professionalism and skill with an unusual level of empathy and insight”.

Creating clarity for a high-flying working mother

“Denise you are an inspirational Goddess and you have made me love life to the full again!  Your tentative manner makes me feel like I am being treated as a friend not just as a client, which has been immensely reassuring during this important change in career, and life direction. Taking the steps to get in touch with you is the best move I have made in years and it has definitely been a positive life changing experience”.   

Army Officer to a new career in Italy 

“Thank you very much for what was a supremely helpful point to focus on. It was very easy to talk to you and certainly did me good! I may be back if I decide after all to let go of that balloon (and perhaps start chasing a new one labelled “Shoe Shop” or “Writer”; I have started a short story about a shoe shop, which may be as close as I ever get! I will let you know how that goes, too.” .


“Many thanks for the session today – it helped provide some very useful clarity on my situation. I feel that I have a much clearer idea of what I can do in order to shape my career the way I want to, and you’ve pointed out some tools and behaviours to enable me to achieve this both in the short and longer term. Overall, a very positive experience – it’s amazing what 1 hour on the phone can achieve!” .

Policy Advisor Cambridge

“I found you a powerful listener who asked thought provoking questions” .

Emily J

“Imagine having someone objective to bounce ideas around with, someone with personal expertise, and high levels of idea productivity. Someone on your side who wants you to succeed – Denise can provide this for you.”