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‘Dr. Denise Taylor provides you a roadmap along an unexplored path from relationships to health, self and wealth that allows you to be open to discover meaning in the process of re-imagining retirement.’

Kerry Hannon, workplace futurist, Yahoo Finance senior columnist and bestselling author of In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in the New World of Work

In Rethinking Retirement, Dr. Denise Taylor challenges us to reimagine retirement. To uncover the limitless potential of the often-dreaded transition into the “third act,” she explores the power of transitions, how to do the deep work within, and takes the reader on a step-by-step journey to create a meaningful life after work.

Barbara Waxman, Odyssey Group Coaching LLC, TED Speaker

‘This practical and inspirational book couldn’t be more timely. With the changes we have seen in recent times to pensions, health and the world of work, we urgently need to set our outdated assumptions of what retirement should be aside if we are to truly make the most of twenty-first century life expectancies.’

Catherine Foot, Director of Longevity Think Tank, Phoenix Insights

‘Dr Denise Taylor has written an outstanding blueprint with practical ideas to help you navigate your journey in later life. A personal roadmap designed for you.’

Lynda Smith, Longevity Advocate, South Africa


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    • Rethinking Retirement workbook containing the main exercises so you don’t have to write in your book, unless you choose to.

    • An online masterclass on Legacy where we will be looking at all aspects of a non-financial legacy. This will be sold after the launch at £37.

    • 30-day gratitude journal. Gratitude is something I write about in the book.

    • Quiz – what kind of friend are you

    • Quiz – what type of active ager are you