For many, work is the centre of our lives, and whilst a life of leisure seems appealing, it is not enough. Let’s work together on how to create the life after full time work that gives you meaning and see how you can make a difference as you move into the role of elder. Available pm a 121 or as an in-house programme.

Far more to retirement planning than the financial side, although of course that’s important. Let’s take time to plan your ‘third age’. This is particularly important for people who have had successful careers where much of their identity is tied in with their work. Do you want to call yourself a former banker, lawyer, teacher? And whilst travel, golf and spending time with the grandchildren may be enough for others, you want more.

In House Pre-Retirement Seminars

Pre-retirement seminars, tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. Ask your organisation to get in touch to discuss.

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