The more we live a life in line with our values, the more we are living a life that is true to us.

Values cards are a great way of understanding what’s important to you.

Values Cards

This set of values cards and accompanying instructions can be used for you to undertake a values cards assessment at home.

Our values are the guiding principles that drive our behaviour. If we have a life in line with our values, we are likely to experience greater satisfaction. When our values are incongruent with our career it can lead to stress and discomfort.

Many people are unhappy in careers as one or more of their personal values are not being met.  If close working relationships are highly important to you why would you work in a job that doesn’t allow this? If money comes well down on your list, why are you sacrificing so much just because the work is extremely lucrative?

When we live a life in line with our values we concentrate on what is most important and it helps us in decision making – if health is our number one priority it will affect what we eat, how we spend some of our leisure time etc.  When we do work that is in line with our values, it is more of a calling than a job.

It may seem like it’s a nice extra to incorporate your values into your career, but it is critical to do so.  Lack of congruence between our values and our work is one of the most important causes of career stress among people especially those aged 38 and 45.  What you do all day should have a relationship to your most deeply held values.  It also impacts on people outside this range too!

Values Cards are a comprehensive way to understand the key drivers to decision making.

How our career is aligned with our values has a major impact on our levels of satisfaction.

The pack includes 47 Values cards and 5 header cards: Of no importance, of little importance, of some importance, of considerable importance, or the utmost importance.

The comprehensive instructions that come with the Values cards ensure you are clear on what to do. It’s like a guided session with Denise.

Values Cards