Deep Imagery 


Deep Imagery

Deep Imagery was developed by Dr Stephen Gallegos and is based on the work of Carl Jung. It is a way of accessing your deep imagination and to meet guides (which are often animals) to help you explore aspects of your self that are beneath your conscious mind. It is a form of deep relaxation that allows us to meet these guides who journey with us into our unconscious mind.

The inner guides allow us to explore aspects of ourselves and our relationship to ourself, others and the world. We can use dreams, images, situations as a start point but what happens is below the level of conscious thought.

This is deep imagery, not guided imagery. I do not guide you through a scenario, instead I’m a guide to help you to go deeper with your inner guide. Here are typical areas covered in deep imagery work: 

Your Chakra animals

Deep imagery is a way of connecting with your Chakra animals. Over a series of meetings, you will meet and engage with animals relating to each of your chakras. You will then have a ‘council of animals’ where the animals can meet.

Deep healing

As you meet a guide you will be taken to a part of yourself that wants you to have a deeper understanding, or to look at an area of sadness. Your guides will be a compassionate friend allowing you to look deeply into a specific area.

The 4 ways of knowing

We can know things in different ways – through our senses, our imagery, our feeling and our thinking. For many of us thinking takes over, using deep imagery we can understand more about these four ways of knowing.

By taking time to look deep into these areas we are able to have more balance in our life as we become more whole. 


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