Nature Based Retreats 


We can learn so much through spending time in a natural environment. Away from technology and an endless to do list. Sitting by the campfire, walking amongst the trees. Paying attention to all your senses, being outdoors is a wonderful learning environment. This is a great place to make a transition into a new part of your life to move on from the end of a relationship (work or personal) and take time to work out a future that fits you as an individual and your place in society.

Going deeper than a Nature Awareness Day and less intense than a Vision Quest. These last 3 days and 2 nights. You will be wild camping, so bring a tarp or a small tent.

We meet Friday at 2pm for introductions and tea around the fire. There is guidance, nature based activity and time just to be during the time spent at the wood.

This includes a 24 hour solo time which is spent alone, just you, a torch and a notebook.  Departure is Monday afternoon.

Full guidance on what to bring will be supplied. This is a natural wood setting, so please note the ground is uneven.

Dates will be posted soon.

Interested but have questions?

Please send an email with any questions to: