Are you seeking a more meaningful life? Realised that the choices you made are no longer a good fit?

  • You may be in the early stages or at mid-career and realised that your career never was meaningful, you were focused on someone else’s dreams.
  • You could be heading towards retirement and want to make the rest of your life, your best life.
  • You may be in a transition and would benefit from help to move through with ease.

I work with people to identify what gives them meaning in life, the research focus for my doctorate.

  • I believe many people need to have a proper transition, a Rites of Passage (ROP) to move on from a life change – divorce, children leaving home, retirement … I love to help people create a ROP that will work for them.
  • I help people to take time out from busy lives, to stop, reflect and find out what works for them. This leads to people who are more content, feel more satisfied and are on their way to becoming an elder of society.
  • I’d love to learn more about you, to see if we are a good fit to work together, so why not schedule a complimentary consultation using this link

Coach and Mentor

You want support to create the life you want. Many of my clients are seeking a more meaningful life; they have reached a point where they ask – is this it? You may seek more balance, or want to take a ‘time out’ to work out what is the right direction for you. It’s time to stop following someone else’s dream.

Nature Awareness Days

Spending time in nature, away from technology, gives us time to reflect on what’s important. Many of the answers can be found in the natural world. I provide a space for people to regain their sense of ‘being’ through carefully guided activities and time just ‘to be.

Nature Based Retreats

We can learn so much through spending time in a natural environment. Away from technology and an endless to do list. Sitting by the campfire, walking amongst the trees. Paying attention to all your senses, being outdoors is a wonderful learning environment. This is a great place to make a transition into a new part of your life to move on from the end of a relationship (work or personal) and take time to work out a future that fits you as an individual and your place in society.

Retirement Planning

For many, work is the centre of our lives, and whilst a life of leisure seems appealing, it is not enough. Let’s work together on how to create the life after full time work that gives you meaning and see how you can make a difference as you move into the role of elder. Available on a one-to-one basis or as an in-house programme.

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You can make the rest of your life, your best life. Make choices on the person you are now, or you want to become. Let me send you articles of interest; you will never be spammed!

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Step 2: Arrange an initial chat

For your second step, you could choose to work with me, you know you can make better progress with professional support. Don’t wish things were different. We are where we are – let’s live a life without regret. We can’t change the past, but we can create a fabulous future.

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PR Campaigns and Media Work

I have contributed to PR campaigns providing articles, comments and participated in numerous radio shows. My professional knowledge and down to earth informative style mean I’m a popular contributor to PR Campaigns and my expertise is heard regularly as guest expert on well over 100 radio shows. I’m also regularly quoted in the press.

Featured in the media

Denise regularly contributes to newspapers, articles, magazines, and radio interviews


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