Spending time in nature, away from technology, gives us time to reflect on what’s important. Many of the answers can be found in the natural world. I provide a space for people to regain their sense of ‘being’ through carefully guided activities and time just ‘to be.

Nature can give us so much. Take time away from busy lives and spend it on nature awareness exercises, be guided on how to spend a day in nature, or just come and hang out around the fire and swing in a hammock. You will have fun and be re-energised.

Medicine Walk

A medicine walk is a ceremony when you walk with intention, without food or technology and to slow down and get the guidance you need. Afterwards you have time to share your story with the others.

Earth Awareness Day

Most of us don’t use our senses fully. I will share exercises and activities to allow you to feel more connected with nature. You can be as active as you wish, nothing is compulsory, and if you wish you can focus on relaxing in a hammock, knowing a meal cooked over the open fire and tasty snacks will be available..

Until I complete my doctorate these are on hold, please sign up for my mailing list to be kept informed as dates are added.

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