Work With Dr Denise


As a Chartered Psychologist, much of my life has been spent helping people to understand more of the person they are and to help them create a more joyful life.

Always seeking to understand more of the world out there, I researched meaningful ageing and how people can make a successful adjustment to life after full-time work, becoming Dr Denise Taylor in late 2021. Through my interest in psychology I’ve looked deeper into the work of Carl Jung and completed the training to offer Deep Imagery.

People work with me because they want to feel more fulfilment, it could be in the transition to life after full-time work, to review their career or in their wider life. They appreciate my in-depth knowledge, breadth of experience and ability to present information clearly, along with deep listening and clear coaching. This allows me to adapt to the person I am working with and my testimonials show the impact I have had on many peoples’ lives.

As a trained and experienced vision quest guide I offer a variety of nature based activities from nature awareness days to a vision quest.

Coach and Mentor

You want support to create the life you want. Many of my clients are seeking a more meaningful life; they have reached a point where they ask – is this it? You may seek more balance or want to take a ‘time out’ to work out what is the right direction for you. It’s time to stop following someone else’s dream.

At times we want to talk through a situation and to explore a dilemma. We need someone who can listen well, ask good questions, and provide useful signposts on next steps. I offer one to one sessions that can help you on life and career related issues.

Most of my work is focused on how people can bring more of themselves into their daily lives. They want to understand and show up as their authentic selves with the confidence to do this.

Retirement Coaching

For many, work is the centre of  their lives, and whilst a life of leisure seems appealing, it is not enough. Let’s work together on how to create the life after full time work that gives you meaning and see how you can make a difference as you move into the role of elder. Available on a 121 basis or as an in-house programme.

Far more to retirement planning than the financial side, although of course that’s important. Let’s take time to plan your ‘third age’. This is particularly important for people who have had successful careers where much of their identity is tied in with their work

Nature Based Retreats

We can learn so much through spending time in a natural environment. Away from technology and an endless to do list. Sitting by the campfire, walking amongst the trees. Paying attention to all your senses, being outdoors is a wonderful learning environment. This is a great place to make a transition into a new part of your life to move on from the end of a relationship (work or personal) and take time to work out a future that fits you as an individual and your place in society. Going deeper than a Nature Awareness Day, these last from a 2 night weekend to a 10 day intensive retreat. With options for wild camping in the wood or staying at a local hotel.

Nature Awareness Days

The benefits of spending time in nature, away from technology can’t be understated. It gives us time to reflect on what’s important. Many answers can be found in the natural world. I provide a space for people like you to regain their sense of ‘being’ through carefully guided nature based activities and time just ‘to be’.

Nature can give us so much but we need to listen, most of us don’t use our senses fully.  I’ll guide you on using nature awareness exercises to learn from the natural world. There’s also time for reflecting by the fire or dreaming in a hammock. These are offered both in small groups and on a one to one basis.

The Vision Quest

Are you at a transition in your life, wanting to make sense of who you are, your life and what comes next? You may want to live more authentically, to have a life in line with your values and where you are happy with the person you are. You may be at a point in your life where you want to think again on your life purpose but this time to do it in nature. To get in touch with the deeper part of yourself? A Vision Quest is a Rite of Passage used across millennia and in many different traditions. It allows you to have a deep connection with the natural world and to get a deep understanding of the person you are.

Deep Imagery

Deep Imagery was developed by Dr Stephen Gallegos and is based on the work of Carl Jung. It is a way of accessing your deep imagination and to meet guides (which are often animals) to help you explore aspects of your self that are beneath your conscious mind. It is a form of deep relaxation that allows us to meet these guides who journey with us into our unconscious mind. This is deep imagery, not guided imagery. I do not guide you through a scenario, you go deeper with your inner guide. 

The inner guides allow us to explore aspects of ourselves and our relationship to ourself, others and the world. We can use dreams, images, situations as a start point but what happens is below the level of conscious thought.