Dr Denise on TV and Radio


Tonight – How Safe is Your Job? With unemployment rising, what are your chances of joining the dole queue by Christmas? Monday 17 November 2008. Since I was on the show, I’ve lost 8 stone! access the programme via this link.

ITV programme about St Helena. Filmed whilst on holiday on St Helena  – the British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic. (about 1.11 in, and filmed in a later episode)


  • Featured expert on Cavendish Films DVD – Graduate Interview Skills.
  • Change That’ – a lifestyle programme presented by Mark Curry
  • CBBC XChange in 2005 where I was involved in historical vignettes as a 17th Century housewife.

5 August 2023. I was a guest on Talk TV – the Kevin O’Sullivan show. Discussion on how inactive over 50s should broaden their job search and be Deliveroo drivers!

Radio Interviews

I’m a seasoned radio contributor with well over 250 appearances.

I had a regular slot as midnight expert on the Phil Williams Show, BBC Radio5 Live; and appearances on The Today Programme Radio 4, numerous shows for BBC Gloucestershire; BBC Three Counties Radio, BBC Hereford and Worcester, City Talk Radio And more. My very first radio appearance was BBC Radio 4, Nice Work, back in 2004.



1st November: On Times Radio talking about retirement on Matt Chorley’s show with Robert Crampton. Listen here.

September: Various Radio Stations in support of The Second 50 – navigating a multi-stage life a campaign by Aegon.

  1. SFM Radio with Tony Weaver
  2. Siren Radio with Alex Lewczuk
  3. Radio Tyneside with Yvonne Bell
  4. WCR with Jason Forrest
  5. BFBS with Amy Casey
  6. Salford City Radio with Jimmy Petruzzi
  7. UK Health Radio with John Fry
  8. BBC Radio York with John Clayton
  9. Radio Reverb with Chris English
  10. Gateway 97.8fm with Ros Connors
  11. BBC Radio Gloucestershire with David Smith
  12. Wycombe Sound with Colin Beasley
  13. Black Country Radio with Andy Caddick
  14. BBC Radio Derby with Donna Alos – Listen here

August: Various Radio Stations for Friendship Month, working with The Oddfellows Society

  1. WCR with Jason Forrest
  2. SFM with Tony Weaver
  3. BBC Radio Gloucestershire with Dominic Cotter
  4. Swindon 105.5
  5. Gateway 97.8 with Aston Avery – read and listen here 
  6. That’s TV Scotland with Ceilid
  7. BBC Radio Cornwall with Julie Skentelbery
  8. Salford City Radio 94.4 with Jimmy Petruzzi
  9. UCB with Paul Hammond
  10. Big City Radio with Coral Chapman
  11. BBC Radio Leicester with Aminata Kamara
  12. Black Country Radio with Katie Brown
  13. Siren Radio with Alex Lewczuk
  14. BBC Radio Stoke with Liz Ellis
  15. Chelmsford Community Radio with Nita
  16. Radio Tyneside with Yvonne Bell
  17. BBC Radio London with Shay Grewal
  18. BBC Radio Leeds with Richard Stead
  19. Unity 101 with Olu

LBC Radio on 20 August with Rachel Johnson. The session was Career advice prompted by the bus driver who quit mid shift and getting a good work-life balance


January: You and Yours, BBC Radio 4 – What’s the world of work like for the over 50s? Access Recording here

January: BBC Radio Wales – Working at 50+  Access Recording here

January: BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Working at 50+ Access Recording here


March: BBC Hereford & Worcester – Is it time to repot yourself?

January: LBC Radio – Making 2022 a more meaningful and positive year 


February: BBC Radio Oxford – Retirement 

January: BBC Radio Kent – Why I’m not setting new year resolutions

January: BBC Radio Kent – New Year Resolutions


October: BBC Hereford and Worcestershire – Changing careers in a pandemic

September: BBC Radio Gloucestershire  Job search in Covid times 

September: BBC Radio Gloucestershire  Changing Jobs,

July: BBC Hereford and Worcestershire – Should you take a shop floor job?

July: BBC Hereford and Worcestershire – Your first job

June: BBC Radio Berkshire – job search tips 


26 July 2019: Why people have a second job – Elliott Webb, BBC Hereford & Worcester. LISTEN HERE: 2ndjob-radio

21 August:Radio Berkshire – Is this the end of the 9-5

23 September: Radio 5 Live on Phil Williams’s show s guest expert offering careers advice.


October: A media day on the psychology of seat choice on behalf of National Express, I was interviewed on the following radio stations and you can read more here.

  • REWASHSOUND (DERBY) with Paul Stacey, a lovely call to start me off
  • BBC SCOTLAND with John Beattie
  • BBC HEREFORD & WORCESTER with Malcolm Boyden
  • BBC NOTTINGHAM with Dean Jackson
  • SIREN FM with Alex Lewczuk
  • RADIO ESSEX with Chris Brooks
  • BBC LONDON with Jo Good
  • SFM (KENT) with Mark Hempsted
  • UNITY 101 with Afzul and Gurpreet
  • BBC Hereford and Worcestershire

August: BBC Radio Berkshire  Is it the end of the 9-5 working day?


25 April 2017: LBC Radio. Talking with Nick Ferrari about ‘Students should not have to worry about graduate employment while at university, outgoing head of UCAS says’

18 April 2017: Radio Hereford & Worcester – Talking about are you ever to late to go after your dream job

8 January 2016: Radio Gloucestershire, Anna King Show discussing changing career in mid life.

(web crash lost media coverage listed in 2015 and 2016)


23 November 2014: How to ace assessment centres with Graduate Job Podcast

5 November 2014: Radio 5 Live Guest expert on Phil Williams Show answering career questions

29 October 2014: Radio Gloucestershire talking about job search at 50+

23 September 2014: Radio 5 Live Guest expert on Phil Williams Show answering career questions

14 August 2014: Radio 5 Live Guest expert on Phil Williams Show answering career questions

26 May 2014: Radio 5 Live Guest expert on Phil Williams Show answering career questions

12 May 2014: Radio WM, working with difficult work colleagues

24 February 2014: Radio Gloucestershire, age discrimination

22 February 2014: LBC, age discrimination

21 February 2014: Radio WM – age discrimination


19 August 2013: Spoke to many BBC Radio Shows as part of the Get Connected project. MORNING – BBC Gloucestershire, BBC Solent, BBC Leicester, BBC Lancashire, BBC Manchester, BBC Kent, BBC Merseyside, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.  AFTERNOON – BBC Northampton, BBC Tees, BBC Sheffield, BBC Derby, BBC Berkshire, BBC Cambridge, BBC Hereford and Worcestershire, BBC West Midlands, BBC 3 Counties, BBC York, BBC Nottingham, BBC Somerset, BBC Surrey and Sussex, BBC Stoke, BBC Cornwall.

14 August 2013: Steve Kitchen Show, Radio Gloucestershire discussing ‘are young people too fussy over accepting job offers’.

4 June 2013: Radio 5 Live on Phil William’s show discussing parents helping their children get a job.


2 November 2012: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing topical issues with Kate Clarke on a 1 hour segment of the show

16 August 2012: BBC Scotland – Practical suggestions for when you only get part time work offered.  On the Kaye Adams Show.

28 April 2012: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing topical issues with Kate Clarke on a 1 hour segment of the show

21 May, 2012: Jo Thoene’s Radio Oxfordshire  show- discussing body image with Pete Cohen on lunch time show

2 April 2012: Guest on Kick Star Careers Webinar discussing using LinkedIn in job search

27 February 2012: Three Counties Radio – Jonathan Vernon Smith discussing ‘Is it wrong to ask people to work for their Jobseeker’s Allowance?’

22 February 2012: Radio Gloucestershire – Mark Cummings show

14 January 2012: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing topical issues with Kate Clarke on a 1 hour segment of the show


12 October, 2011: BBC 3 Counties Radio – Discussing unemployment and how to find a job with Johnathan Vernon Smith

31 August, 2011: BBC Radio Scotland – Discussing how to fall in love with your job with Stephen Jardine on the Fred Macaulay show

23 June, 2011: Radio WM – Drive Time Show discussing interview disasters

8 June, 2011: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

21 February: 2011, Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show


14 December 2010: 3 Counties Radio, discussing comments in the news by a Tory Councillor

8 November 2010: Talk Radio Europe talking with Ritchie Allen about getting the unemployed into work

8 November 2010: 3 Counties Radio, discussing getting the unemployed back into work

19 October 2010: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

12 August 2010: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

7 August 2010: Radio 4 – guest contributor to Alvin Hall’s Radio Series – Generations of Money

26 July 2010: Older people looking for work on The Pete Price Show

14 April 2010: 3 Counties Radio – Should children work/ paper boy being exploited with Jonathan Vernon-Smith

04 March 2010: Guardian Podcast – Discussing interviews with Kerry Eustace

09 February 2010: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

21 January 2010: BBC Wales discussing supporting unemployed graduate children.

4th January 2010: Radio Bristol with Graham Torrington discussing supporting unemployed graduate children

15 February, 2010: on Shourjo Sarkar’s Show, Radio Leeds discussing Now you’ve been shortlisted


29th December 2009: Radio 4 Today Programme  with Justin Webb discussing Parent Motivators

29th December 2009: on Radio 5 Live – Victoria Derbyshire’s show

15 October 2009 on Shourjo Sarkar’s Show, Radio Leeds discussing Fun at work

07 July 2009 on Toby Foster’s Breakfast Show, Radio Sheffield, discussing Long Service Awards

29 December 2009: talking about Parent Motivators on The Today Programme, interviewed by Justin Webb, Radio Gloucestershire, Vanessa Feltz’s show, with Jeremy Kyle on Talk Sport Radio, with Victoria Derbyshire on Radio 5 live

08 December 2009: Talking about Graduate Talent Pool with a number of Radio stations – Sky News Radio, Heart FM, Colourful Radio, express FM, Star FM, The Eye, Westside FM, Hayes FM, plus a pre-record for Heart Radio and creating a podcast.

03 December 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

02 December 2009: City Talk Radio – how to motivate yourself

21 October 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

15th October 2009: Radio Leeds – Discussing fun at work with Shourjo Sarkar

02 September 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

27th August 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Mark Cummings breakfast show

27th July 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing when to clear out children’s things after they leave home

10 July 2009: City Talk Radio – Graduates and the recession

07 July 2009Radio Sheffield – Graduates and the recession

01 July 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Regular call on the breakfast show

16 June 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing Emotions (in relation to Brief Encounter)

12 June 2009: Smooth Radio – The importance of work experience when job hunting

04 June 2009Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing The Apprentice Show

26 May 2009: City Talk Radio – Commenting on unemployment figures and job search on the Dean Sullivan Show

16 May 2009Radio 5 Live, discussing the mini tornado at Bearded Theory Festival

07 May 2009: City Talk Radio – Motivating staff at work on The Paul Jacobs Show

06 May 2009: City Talk Radio – Job hunting tips on the Dean Sullivan Show

05 May 2009: Radio Gloucestershire – Guest on the Steve Kitchen lunch time show

05 May 2009: Guest on the Steve Kitchen Lunch Time Show

07 May 2009: Motivating staff at work on The Paul Jacobs Show

06 May 2009: Job hunting tips on the Dean Sullivan Show

29 April 2009: Discussing Dream Jobs on the Pete Price show

22 April 2009: 3 Counties Radio – Talking about job search and commenting on the latest unemployment figures with Jonathan Vernon-Smith

10 April 2009: Late Night City with Pete Price – Phone in Show , ‘Give us a Job

26 February 2009: City Talk Radio – Jobs and the Recession

February 2009: Talking about mature students at University on BBC OxfordWish FMWest SoundBBC SolentBBC YorkBBC Coventry and WarwickshireBBC LeedsUCB – United Christian Broadcasting and Dune FM. Some interviews were joint with David Lammy, MP.

21 January 2009: 3 Counties Radio – How to get a job in a recession with Jonathan Vernon-Smith

11 January 2009: City Talk Radio – Jobs and the recession on Roy Basnett Show


18 November 2008: City Talk Radio – How Safe is your Job

17 Nov 2008: Discussing my TV appearance on Mark Cummings Breakfast Show

17 Nov 2008: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing my TV appearance on Mark Cummings Breakfast Show

June 2008: Radio Gloucestershire – Retirement Preparation


September 2005: Radio Gloucestershire – Empty Nesters


September 2004: Radio Gloucestershire – Discussing stress in our lives

February 2004: BBC Radio 4 – Discussing different approaches to Careers Guidance. I was the mainstream one!