Woodland Encounters

A private 4 acre wood, part of the 74 acre Birdwood Coppice.

In January 2021, after 6 months of searching we found our wood. It was during the covid lockdown, and we wanted a quiet space of our own. This was the first wood that felt right to both of us, there was a nice feel, and the trees were welcoming. Here are some entries from my diary.

Getting to know the land.

There is a lot of fallen branches and dead wood; eventually we will burn some but we also want to leave fallen branches as habituate piles for the insects that are at the start of the food chain. As the borders of our wood are owned by other people, we’ve been placing dead branches along the borders to give some clear edge to our land, useful when other people are with us, so they don’t stray out of our wood.

I love walking around our wood, properly getting to know ‘our land’. To begin I would trip, I was probably moving too fast. I’ve now slowed down, but I also have a hazel stick I can use for safety in some areas. We have a track that cuts the wood in two, eventually it will grow over but for now it is a good way to divide base camp from an area I want to use for well-being. I feel the trees are wanting to look after me.

With going to the wood several times, a week, I’m noticing far more than I would have seen if I’d only visited an area once a week, and of course there would have been a lot of people around. For example, I have seen how the wood anemones have covered the floor and how they open and close in the sunlight, and each day see more bluebells. We don’t seem to have many daffodils in our part of the wood. I’ve spotted a couple of violets, and as I walk, look carefully to see what I can see.

Our wood will be the location for our nature based work, from 121 coaching sessions with Denise, Bushcraft days with James and nature retreats where we will both take care of you.

Nature can give us so much. Take time away from busy lives and spend it on nature awareness exercises, be guided on how to spend a day in nature, or just come and hang out around the fire and swing in a hammock. You will have fun and be re-energised.

We can learn so much through spending time in a natural environment. Away from technology and an endless to do list. Sitting by the campfire, walking amongst the trees. Paying attention to all your senses, being outdoors is a wonderful learning environment. This is a great place to make a transition into a new part of your life to move on from the end of a relationship (work or personal) and take time to work out a future that fits you as an individual and your place in society.

You know you will feel better by spending some quiet time in nature. Either join in one of our group programmes or arrange for a bespoke visit for you or a group of your friends, please get in touch to discuss.