Around the age of 60 you are considering your future. Wanting to know – do I stay in my current work, find something different or make a more radical change? Not easy decisions to make when you are seen as successful.

In the back of your head is the voice that says – is this it? Is this what my life is all about. If I don’t make a change soon, will I later live with regret?

I get you.

  • At 60 I decided to end my marriage and sell the house of my dreams.
  • At 61 I completed my first Vision Quest – a life changing rite of passage which included 4 days (and nights) in nature with no food and just a tarp for shelter
  • At 62 I started studying for my doctorate
  • At 63 I met a man who shared my love of nature and within 6 months we had bought a wood, and look forward to our future together. I also completed my 2nd Vision Quest.
  • At 64 I am now Dr Denise Taylor – not bad for someone who left school at 15 with 4 O levels.
  • At 65 and beyond – an exciting future ahead

With my doctorate, I’ve spent 3 years researching how people make successful transitions to retirement, I know what you need to consider, and can be your guide into this next stage of life. As my examiners said to me, at my viva, you are the expert now.

I am loving this stage of life, embracing ageing and want to guide you on your journey to make the ‘retirement years’ your best years.

Maybe you think your parents had it easier – traditional retirement as a reward for a lifetime of hard work, followed by leisure and time to take it easy. But that’s not for you, there is still so much more to do, to experience, to be.

There is no longer a roadmap to retirement, as children of the 60s we broke down barriers when younger and will be doing the same now. Showing the younger generation how the future can be.

Bring it on!

If this gets you curious, let’s schedule a time to talk