I’ve not posted here for a while … I’m now writing more on Substack. It’s a place that encourages writers to create thoughtful articles to share. Once I’m into my rhythm there, I’ll alternate between the different sites.

On Substack my title is: Rethinking Retirement and Conscious Ageing, making it very clear on what I write about.

Since 5 April, only 3 weeks away, I’ve created 6 posts, plus a welcome message.

Here is what you can read if you head there

  1. Do you have a fear of ageing? This post includes an audio link so you can listen on the move


2. Navigating Career Transitions: Reflections beyond retirement (with an audio link)


3. The importance of friendships in later life


4. Don’t leave it too late (with audio link)


5. time in Nature, time to be … (with audio link)


6. Studies in your 60s


and here is my welcome message over there

I’m going to open your mind to a different way to age; to move into later life with joy and meaning. You will learn more from academic research all carefully reviewed with a practical slant.

I’m Dr Denise Taylor, a psychologist, researcher, author, wilderness rites of passage guide and adventurer. In February I spent a couple of weeks living in a Maasai Village. I was part of a group of 5 women who travelled to listen to the women’s’ stories and to participate in village life. I learned so much and will return next year.

I write (unpublished) poetry and non-fiction. My latest book is Rethinking Retirement for Positive Ageing, and the previous was – Find Work at 50+. I write numerous articles and blog posts related to life and careers, finding meaning and with a particular interests to share my thoughts and research on retirement, ageing, and later life more widely. I think it will be interesting and I want a discussion/debate too. We are all getting older.

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, wanting to do my own thing and not being afraid to go out alone, but I had also spent most of my adult life married, and lost who I was.

Aged 60 I separated, we wanted different things. I moved from a barn conversion in the country (it was the house of my dreams, until it wasn’t) to a flat in town and set out to make friends. I didn’t have any … and it was hard work to make friends. But I did!

I also found out about Vision Quests – a chance to look deeply within ourselves via 4 days, and nights, alone in nature. No tent, no food, no technology. I’ve completed two and became an apprentice vision quest guide, supporting around 50 people. More on this another time.

I gained my doctorate a couple of years ago, aged 64. I’ve been interested in retirement since working as a Welfare Officer for The Post Office back in the 1980s and my research was into how people can find meaning in life after full time work and what are the psychological factors that can help.  (I know, bit of a mouthful, but that’s academia).

Retirement is changing and whilst many want to call it something different, I want to reclaim, reframe (and rethink!) retirement. It’s not cruises, golf, and taking it easy, unless that’s what you want, but a new phase of life where we have more freedom and flexibility to live a life the way we want.

I also use my 40 years’ experience as an occupational psychologist to help people with all things career – from finding a job you love, success in the job search process and managing your career – dealing with the challenges of work situations, transitions into management, a sounding board for board members and of course the later life transition.

I’d love you to come over and subscribe, it would mean the world to me.