Hi, it’s Dr. Denise Taylor, and I’m coming to you from my wood. I so enjoy coming and getting outside my normal environment, out into the fresh air and to spend time walking around the wood and just seeing how the changes are since I was last here a couple of weeks ago.

We’ve got a lot of ivy, a lot of brambles, and these are the things that ideally we wouldn’t have, I’d rather have things that I want to see and early in the year was the bluebells and the wood anemones and the primroses and the dog violets and all of those have gone now, but we can’t always get what we want.

I was thinking about that in life, that, you know, sometimes there are things that we would love to have, but we just haven’t got them.

I think we need to be satisfied with what we have. And I think that’s a really important thing to do is in whatever situation we happen to be in at the moment, we need to be happy with what it is and there may be things that we want to change, to do with our environment, to do with our work, etc., but until we can make the change, we’ve got to make the best of them.

I could wander, here and moan about different things, or I can concentrate on the things that I like. And this message to you is to say that there may be things that, you wish weren’t happening in your life, and if you can think about compartmentalizing them and for the next day, or, a period of time you can forget about how you’re feeling about the job or whatever, and just think about what’s going well, what are you grateful for, what are you happy with.

And today is a sunny day and it may well be raining tomorrow. So, I can be happy for that. I can be happy that I’m being, you know, the luxury of spending time in, in a wood on my own without anybody else around. And then I can think about life stresses and we all have things that stress us and bring us down.

We have to sort of, as we start thinking about stuff like that, just letting it go, let it roll off us and concentrate on being happy. Because no situation, no person can make us unhappy. That’s what we choose to do for ourselves.

So, as I walked around the wood thinking, what is it I’m going to talk about today, that’s what I thought about. So, I hope that gives you food for thought. And until next time, it’s Dr. Denise Taylor. Bye-bye.