Hi, I’m introducing you to different aspects of the wood, and this one here is a bench that I love to sit on. And as you can see, there’s a lovely view. Now, this is a great time of year because there’s not many leaves on the trees. It’s mainly ivy that’s climbing up. And once the trees have moved through the seasons, then you don’t have this view.
I got my bench on free cycle and I just love sitting here and looking at the view. It’s very different from the wood because if we just twirl around you can see we have lots of trees and lots of branches.
This is part of the wood that I haven’t been to for a while. So, there’s a lot of branches that have fallen over. There, um, I’ve got one of my, you can see it in the distance, one of my habitat piles. I like this part of the wood. I’m going to go through in the next few weeks and pick up some more of the fallen tree branches so when you come here, I don’t want you falling over and hurting yourself.
I wanted to show you a bit more of the word than I showed you last time, so I’m going to head over to Base Camp and show some more there.

 In the distance we can see a man hard at work. He’s picking up some of the wood that I was just saying about deeper into the wood. We are really getting focused on getting things ready for when you come. Now let me take you to base camp.

 And this is base camp. Let me give you a quick walk round. First of all, here’s one of our log stores. It’s the newest one. James has been busy splitting logs so they dry out and can be better used on the fire. Now I haven’t tidied this up, especially for you, so we’ve got lots of stuff just hanging about.
I’m a great lover of prayer flags. They serve two purposes because I love the whole story behind prayer flags about how they take prayers up into, to the sky, to your God. But also they are there for safety so that you don’t walk in to the rope and hurt yourself.
We have an area over here which is where we’ll be having washing facilities. And that’s where we keep various things. We have, um, another big log pile and we have been quite lucky at being able to pick up tables and stuff.
The tent … we kept it out in the wood or winter and now it’s got a bit destroyed by the weather. It’s got black spots on it that we’re just never going to get rid of. So now we’ve moved it under the big canopy.
And there we have our fire. And we’re just burning a few things. And down here we’ve got our axe and our splitting axe as well.
We’ve got really good protection from the weather with the big canopy. We’ve got quite a few seats, but you’re very welcome to bring your own as well.
And then if I walk around here into our tent, it’s an no shoe zone, so I’m not going to get in there with my shoes, but, and I’ll take some photos anyway, that’ll show it. Um, but we can see here, we’ve got a log burner. We’ve got a few seats. We’ve got a futon that does convert into a bed.
If it gets cold, getting in here with the log burner keeps us lovely and warm. So, it’s, it’s a nice place to be.  So this is base camp and we will welcome you here, hopefully later this year. Take care. Bye-bye.