Back from living with a Maasai tribe, and ‘off grid for over 2 weeks.

I’m home and in a state of wonder, and tiredness for what I have experienced. I have travelled extensively around the world for over 17 years, but never before have I had such a deep connection and such a sense of joy and love with the people I met – both my companions from the UK and the women from the village.

This was an expedition, not a holiday; woodland-ways had been taken small groups to a remote Maasai village in the Rift Valley for several years. This was to be the first woman only trip. It was developed by Lizzie Maskey, @Clare Gadd and Ann Mosiro. I can’t thank them enough for the care they put into this trip and their wonderful love and support.

There were 5 of us – Corrine with a wicked sense of humour, Ana who carved me a stick as I struggled over some of the terrain, Sam for listening and gentleness and Gilly, I don’t know anyone with more passion for animals, obsidian and children then her.

We were there to listen to the women’s story, to learn from a very different society very different to our usual life. 

Over the coming days I’ll share more. For now, my heart and head are so full of joy, and love, and so many, many memories. There was so much love and laughter at camp. Amazing how well you can communicate beyond words. There was a real sense of community. Women sitting around together, random convos, just enjoying time without men.

As an overweight woman in her mid-60s, this was physically challenging and stretched me mentally, psychologically and emotionally. I not only survived, I thrived. I’m not the same person who went away.