After academic focused articles, let’s have some fun. I love creating Quizzes. I hope you enjoy this one.

For each question

  • Choose between a, b, c, d and e
  • Count the number of answers against each letter
  • Look at the description at the end.

1.          If your friend needs help moving, what would you do?

a. Show up early with coffee and donuts for everyone

b. Help out, but make sure to complain a bit

c. Send them a link to a good moving company

d. Apologize because you already have plans

e. Avoid their calls and make excuses

2.         When it comes to secrets:

a. Your friends know they can trust you

b. You’ll only tell the people who aren’t part of your friend circle

c. You’ll forget the secret before you have a chance to tell anyone

d. Secrets are meant to be shared, right?

Use them as a leverage when you need it

3.         If your friend gets a haircut they hate, what do you do?

a. Comfort them and help find solutions

b. Be honest and agree that it’s terrible

c. Share a story about your own haircut disaster

d. Change the topic to avoid commenting

e. Laugh and tell them how awful it looks

4.         Your friend is throwing a party. What’s your role?

a. Helping them plan and set up

b. The life of the party, of course

c. The one who arrives late and leaves early

d. The one who convinces them to cancel it

e. Come to the party but bring uninvited guests

5.         When your friend is upset, what’s your go-to move?

a. Give them a comforting pep talk

b. Make them laugh with a joke

c. Distract them with a change of scenery

d. Listen to their problems and provide advice

e. Tell them to get over it quickly

6.         If your friend is in a karaoke competition, how do you support them?

a. You’re in the front row, cheering them on

b. You’re up on stage singing a duet with them

c. You’re capturing the moment on video

d. You’re making sure they have a drink for courage

e. Heckle them from the back of the room

7.         Your friend is going on a blind date, what advice do you give?

a. “Be yourself and enjoy the moment”

b. “Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment”

c. “Remember, if it goes badly, it’s a great story”

d. “Do some social media research first!”

e. “Let’s hope they’re not as boring as your ex”

8.         When planning a vacation with your friends, you are:

a. The one who researches and books everything

b. The one who suggests a road trip instead

c. The one who waits for everything to be planned

d. The one who convinces everyone to stay home

e. The one who backs out at the last minute

9.         Your friend just started a new hobby. Your reaction is:

a. Join them so you can learn together

b. Encourage them, but stick to your own interests

c. Wait and see if they stick with it

d. Suggest they try something you think is more interesting

e. Mock them for their ‘silly’ hobby

10.       If your friend asks for your opinion, you:

a. Offer your honest thoughts in a supportive way

b. Give them a blunt, no-nonsense answer

c. Find a diplomatic way to skirt around the issue

d. Tell them what you think they want to hear

e. Use the opportunity to criticize them

Based on your answers, you could be:

Mostly A’s: The Supportive Sidekick: You’re always there for your friends, helping them in any way you can. You’re a good listener and a dependable ally. Your friends know they can count on you.

Mostly B’s: The Fun Firecracker: You’re the life of the party and you know it. Your friends love your energy and honesty, even if you’re a bit too blunt sometimes. You make every situation a memorable one.

Mostly C’s: The Casual Companion: You value your independence but also enjoy your friends’ company. You prefer to go with the flow rather than take the lead, offering support when needed but not getting too involved.

Mostly D’s: The Diplomatic Advisor: You’re cautious and thoughtful, always trying to keep the peace. Your friends appreciate your advice and the way you always consider their feelings.

Mostly E’s: The Fair-weather Friend: You may be around for the good times, but when it comes to being supportive, understanding or sensitive, you tend to drop the ball. It’s time to rethink how you treat your friends and make some positive changes.