My life has been busy of late has yours?

I think sometimes we just forget that we human beings and become human doings, and there was just so much to do, so much to focus on

… and it can lead to stress, and tension and pressure, and sometimes we have to say, enough, I’ve had enough.

I need to actually now take a time out and do something that’s going to nurture my soul.

And for me, it’s coming to my wood and it’s spending some time here and just slowing down to the speed of nature.

Now for you it might be something completely different. You know, it might be getting out on your motorbike and driving really fast, or it might be getting out the paint box. But I think sometimes when life is really busy, it’s even more important that we take some time out to chill and to do something that’s going to refill our batteries.

Because I think sometimes life is so busy that our batteries get depleted.

So what is it that you can do to recharge your batteries so that when you are next to in the workplace, that you feel more refreshed or may more able to tackle all the things that we’ve got going on in our life,

But for now, and just hearing the wood, looking at the beautiful sun coming through and just really appreciating being alive, and I hope you will too.