Hi, it’s Dr. Denise, and the message today is for anybody who’s going to be having four- or six-weeks holiday this summer and feels a need to be productive. I’ve had a message from a friend who is a university lecturer and has got all these plans for the research she, she was going to do over the summer.

And she doesn’t feel motivated to do any of it.

And sometimes we can feel that we ought to do something, but it’s just we haven’t got the energy to do it. And I think sometimes we should just go with that.

And the message that I’d be saying to my friend is, stop feeling that you ought to be doing it, and let’s think about things that you can do that you’d actually like to do.

And maybe the most important thing for her is to take some time to rest.

I’ll be inviting her to come down to my wood next week and she can camp over as well if she’d like to. I think sometimes it’s about getting out of your normal environment to get your energy back and to think about what is right for you.

I mean, does she have to write an academic paper?

Do you have to do the decorating If that’s what you plan to do?

Maybe you need to chill, maybe you need to spend more time just practicing your Italian cooking.

I don’t know. I think so many times we feel that we have to be productive. We don’t.

We really don’t.

And I think sometimes it’s nice to feel like, we did when we were younger. We can just sort of sit back, lie out on the grass, read a book, watch the bees flying by or something.

So, let’s just make the most of the time ahead and don’t feel that we need to be productive. We can do anything that we want to do or absolutely nothing at all.

So that’s my thoughts. Till next time, take care, Dr. Denise. Bye-bye.