I was asked recently, what was my bucket list, and it took me back a step, because it’s not something that I’ve thought about for a long time. A lot of people have bucket lists, which is, you know, all the things you want to do before you die. And it involves a lot of travel and doing things and spending money.

Whereas for me, that’s much less important to me now than actually being, rather than doing and thinking about what can I create, what can I create for the benefit of others? All about thinking about a legacy. Part of that is, I still want to travel, but it’s travel about how can I help, how can I learn things from the wider world that I can utilise in other work and give back to others perhaps.

But mainly, you know what, I’ve forgot why I started this video to it. This is like an outtake. I’m gonna keep going because I think it’s quite funny that I just had one of those moments where it’s, what am I talking about? I started off talking about bucket lists. This is a different type of video because actually I think there’s a lesson to be learned here.

We can want to be perfect. We can want to do everything exactly right. And we don’t like failure and we don’t like getting things wrong. And you know, I just reached the point where I don’t give a whatever about things and we can learn from it. And I don’t think we have to be perfect and we can take a time out just to think, am I going in the right direction, you know, with, with any aspects of our life.

I think rather than a bucket list and a to-do list, it. Let’s have a to-don’t list. All the things that we don’t want to do, that we want to give up.

I do have a lot of stuff. And back home, I’ve got two suitcases full of clothes that are clothes that I wear when I go trekking, that I can’t fit in at the moment as I’ve put weight on. My view today is to try and get these two suitcases down to one suitcase, and just keep the stuff I really need. I had thought about putting things into storage and a storage unit, half the size of a shed was 20 pounds a month. And it gets you thinking about how much is it going to cost me over a year?

At that point, if I do need clothes, I could probably just buy new ones. So, I’m certainly not putting anything into storage, but I am going to be getting rid of things because I don’t think I need as much stuff as I have. And I have been getting rid of things, but more too.

So back to how I started, which was around do you have a bucket list?

If there’s things that you really want to do, think about when is going to be the best time to do the things that you want to do and one of the things really practical, If you are going to travel I think insurance goes up age 70. So, if you’re going to be doing some extensive travel, it’s probably better to do it before your 70th birthday, or check it out and, and find a better insurance company.

Let’s just start thinking about the to-don’t list and let’s start doing less.

And this give us more time to actually be. I think that’s my main message.

I hope the little bit in the middle, the outtake is just showing a bit of my personality and a bit of like it’s okay to get things wrong, mess up a bit.