We spend too much time trying to fit in when we should really stand out. In the workplace we try and be the person we think our company and boss wants and lose some of who we are in the process.

I found that when I became more comfortable with the person I was, I enjoyed my work more and it was so much less of an effort in trying to be someone else.

Taking a personality assessment is a great way of finding out more about yourself, but it can be hard to decide how to answer as the ‘real us’ can differ from the person we are at work.

In this video I talk about the Type Dynamic Indicator (TDI) . This is a way of measuring Psychological Type based on Carl Jung’s theory of the human psyche which looks at how and why people change and develop. With this assessment you answer each question twice – once as it IS and then how you want it to be and you can then see the difference, which helps identify what changes you want to make.

Read more via this link: https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/type-dynamic-indicator/