When I need some time out to think things through, I escape to the wood. The peace and calming nature of trees help me to feel chilled and gives my head some space.

I like being away from my usual environment, it gives me time to think and reflect and allows my time to clarify my thoughts.

What helps too is to keep my phone switched off. I keep it with me, in case of accidents, but I leave the scrolling and checking to another time.

I sometimes find a spot to sit, and properly listen and watch. To a falling leaf, or a bird song. Watching the trees move in the wind.

Or I may walk about, slowly, watching each step, being careful to walk lightly. Seeing if I can avoid stepping on branches that crack. I notice the changes in the colour of leaves and see if I can spot something new. I may do a bit of foraging if I see plants I could eat.