Many people think legacy is meant for those who have a lot of money and are known as philanthropists. Or they are people such as Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa, activists and saints doing important work. But we can all leave a legacy.

Whilst we are likely to leave money to family and other bequests, we can leave a legacy through our behaviour and way of being.

Legacy can be how we relate to other people, and can include small actions, such as showing other people how we live a life that is in line with our values and providing guidance to others. We can show others how we focus on the important things in life and how we can let go of failures. We can also do practical things such as writing our memoir or researching family history that we can pass on to others.

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I will talk about building a holistic legacy and there are four areas: They don’t all have to be addressed equally.

1.       Emotional Legacy

2.       Knowledge Legacy

3.      Community Legacy

4.      Environmental Legacy

What’s one step towards your legacy you can take within the next month?