Hi it’s Denise Taylor. I’m in my wood. It’s Sunday and my book’s coming out on Wednesday.

I’m here to clear my head. I’ve got various extras that I’ve created that are for you if you order in the next week, and these include a couple of quizzes because I really like creating quizzes.

One of them is what sort of active ager you are. The reason I created this is because there are so many different marketing personas and I thought it useful for us to think about the breadth of people that we are and the interests that we have.

Book Bonuses

The other one is about friendship and about what sort of friend you are. Friendship is really important because that’s one of the things that really makes a difference between how we age. We really need our friends and if we don’t have many friends because all our friends are through work then we need to look for how we’re going to make friends once we leave the workplace.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like writing in my books, and if I do, I write in pencil. There are some inventories where you have to tick boxes. These are going to be available for you to download from the website. In fact, they’ll be available for everybody, but as an early buyer, you get additional exercises with a cover and, and end piece as well. 

Gratitude is something that I write about in the book.  And it’s important to be grateful for the things that we do. Being grateful is something that comes easy to some people and not to others. I was in the supermarket a while back and the cashier was saying to a customer about how every morning he says, I’m grateful that I’ve got a bed. I’m grateful for my mug of tea. And, at one level, that’s gratitude. But I think… rather than have it as something that you have to do every morning, it’s sometimes easier to look back on the week and to think about what you’re grateful for. And maybe it’s just because of me, because I like writing. but to journal about it and, you know, to talk about, you know, I’m grateful for Claire being a friend in my life, or Carol being a friend in my life, or Geoffrey.

But why? Well, it is about them. So, make the data more rich, and if you don’t like writing you could do a little camera video just for yourself. It is useful to just think about why and to make it a habit. Maybe if daily is not for you, do it weekly, Saturday morning before you get up, Sunday night while you’re getting yourself ready for the next day.

So, you have a think about what might work for you. Gratitude has led to me creating a gratitude journal. It’s, I think it’s 30 pages, 30 days, for you to start making a note. As I said, it might not be that you want to do it every day, but it’s just to give you a structure and a format.

There is another bonus I don’t mention in the video. This is to invite you to a webinar on Legacy. This will be sold at £37 after the launch period, but you get access to it live or access to the replay,

This book, it feels like my baby. There’s just been so much time, effort, love,  blood, sweat and tears put into the making of this book. It’s the first book I’ve ever written that’s evidence based rather than based on my practice. I’ve got my launch happening on Wednesday, my online launch, and I’d love you to come along to that.

It will be recorded, so if you don’t come along, it might be something that you can catch up on later.

Anyway, people keep on telling me I should do short videos, this is not a short one! I’m going to post this up on Monday, because I decided I was going to have a weekend away from social media, because sometimes you just need some time out.

For me, being at my wood, when it’s so quiet, and there’s nobody here apart from me, and the sound of the. wind amongst the trees and a bit of bird sound. It’s just delightful and it’s just what I needed. So, until next time, this is Dr Denise