I’ve been nudged into doing more ‘socials’ in the lead up to the publication of Rethinking Retirement.

Post something every day to at least one site I’m told.

I’m opting for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (sorry X!).

73 days till my book goes on sale

Each day I’ll share something of my marketing, or an excerpt from the book. I’ll still be creating my weekly newsletter so only 6 extra things to do each week!

Today I’ve been looking at the 3 categories your book is listed in on Amazon.

Some pre-orders must have come in as my book is listed under

  • Grandparents
  • Aging
  • Child & developmental psychology

Were these chosen by my publisher? I’ve no idea. Developmental psychology does include Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck so it’s not just for early developmental stages but most of the books are focused on children.

I’ve been investigating, the first 4 pages under retirement and 2 pages under rethinking retirement and these are the shortlist of the words I found

1. Developmental psychology – I prefer this to Child & developmental psychology

2. Aging

  • Gerontology
  • Financial retirement planning
  • Personal transformation
  • Grandparents

I’ll be contacting my publisher soon but would love to know what you think for the 3rd one. Do let me know?