Hi, it’s Dr Denise and I’m standing at the edge of our wood. One of the good things about this time of year is you can actually see the field because there’s less leaves in the way. I haven’t been here for a week, and when I came here last Sunday, I was glad I was in my wellies.


Today I’m in my walking boots and I really should have been in my wellies. The ground is sodden. All the ditches are full of water, still, but it’s just so good to take a time out and to take some time in nature and I’m just watching the leaves move.

I’m listening to the wind and as I parked the car a deer shot right in front of me and then I just looked around because they normally come in pairs and there was another one and it just stopped still, hoping that I didn’t see it. So, I just sort of let it be and I’ve been wandering about, and as I headed to this part, a muntjac was just ahead of me.

Whenever my partner says, should I buy you some perfume? I say no, I don’t wear perfume. One of the reasons all my toiletries are unscented is because clearly, we all smell to some degree, but I don’t want perfumes and things.

Anyway, the main reason for deciding to do this video is the importance of spending time in nature. And for me, I’ve really needed a bit of a time out. Life has just been so busy and there’s been so much on I moved home. I got redecoration done. I got building work done. I had the book out of course that you know about and you feel like you’ve got to keep on doing more and more about publicity and sometimes you just need time to be.

I think it was Wednesday, I spent the afternoon catching up on squid game the challenge, which is really interesting and fun, and I’m glad I did it But it wasn’t nurturing me in any way, so that’s why I’m down at the wood.

I think it’s really important that we spend some time in nature and there are so many articles talking about the importance of spending time in the natural environment, when I go home, I think I’ll write an article on it because I enjoy writing.

But my, my main point of doing this video today is the importance to think about what’s going to nurture you. It may well be it’s out in nature. It might be you want to be by a river. By the sea, near a mountain, but just think about what is it that’s going to take you away from all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas that’s coming up and make you feel more you and help you to sort of feel more at peace.

So that’s the message for today from Dr. Denise down at the wood and until next time, bye.