This time I wanted to share some ‘snacks’ related to my retirement research.

The Cheltenham Book Launch Party

This took place 2-3 weeks ago. It was a celebration with people I know. Some well, some less so. It was more intimate and personal than the online launch.

A friend did the filming, and I’d love you to watch. The room was dark, the camera angle was a bit low but the content is good and you can get a sense of me being with friends alongside some candid answers to questions. Learn about my background too.

Creating a non-financial legacy.

On Monday I ran a webinar. This was a bonus for those who bought my book – Rethinking Retirement for Positive Ageing.

In the webinar I share the importance of thinking about what we may leave behind, beyond the obvious money and possessions.

With my book I had a tight word count of 60,000 words and with the references coming in at 5,500 words some things needed to be taken out. One section was on the non-financial legacy and I cover it in this webinar.

I sent access details to everyone who had signed up. If you bought my book and didn’t sign for the bonuses here is the link. If you complete this I’ll send you the link so you can watch again.

University Talk

I was asked to go back to my university – Birkbeck College, University of London on Saturday to talk about my research and life after my doctorate. I was one of 4 brought back to inspire those in their final year of studies. I spoke about the importance of publication and how writing a book has a wider impact than an academic article.

One of the other ‘stars’ to return said that as she listened to my talk, she realised she had read many of my books.

With my focus on retirement these past 4 years I’ve been talking a lot less on my job search activity.

It’s a few years since it came out but my book: You’re Hired! Find Work at 50+: A Positive Approach to Securing the Job You Want is still a valuable read.

A successful retirement is what works for you.

Yesterday I spoke with a group about retirement; one of the things I covered was that we can all choose what is a successful retirement. For some it may be a return to work and it could be full-time or flexible, it might be temporary while we work out what to do next. For others it is a time to rest and to focus on interests. For others to learn something new and to move to a flexible life.

What will it mean to you if you have a successful retirement?

And I have a new logo

I was thinking about – what does retirement mean to me – and it is living a life of joy and meaning, so I asked my designer to create me a logo. I’d planned on using green but as I closed my eyes, the colour orange came to me.  Orange signifies friendliness, warmth, and enthusiasm and is associated with optimism and confidence. All great qualities as we move into a later stage of life.

I really love this logo, now to get it online and onto t-shirts, mugs and more.

I read and respond to all your comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Dr Denise Taylor has been involved in retirement planning for almost 40 years. At 64 she gained her doctorate having researched how people find meaning in life after full-time work. To share this widely her latest book – Rethinking Retirement for Positive Ageing is now on sale, published by Routledge.

Dr Denise is a Chartered Psychologist, and also a wilderness rites of passage guide combining her interest in transitions and ritual with a love of nature. Beyond her work she gains great fulfilment through owning a private wood.